“I wish I could afford music lessons for my child.” We’ve heard this statement so many times over. We’d like to make those dreams of learning an instrument come true. For those children whose families have little or no financial options for music classes, we especially want to make that happen.

Currently, we have piano classes for students at 40% less than regular private lessons, and with the same quality instruction. For some, this may still be a bit of a burden. Music and other art forms should be accessible for anyone with the desire to take part, including the younger population of our society. Music is a creative force that encourages, and helps build self esteem and awareness of the world at large. After all, music is a language that everyone, regardless of cultural background, understands. New Rhythm Arts Center wants to make this a reality.

We currently have a piano class for students as part of the Kids Dreaming of Music project. We hope to expand that to include guitar, drums and some dance classes. To help us accomplish that, we need assistance with two very important issues: 1.) instruments on which the kids can practice, and 2.) funds to help compensate our instructors for the Kids Dreaming project.

So…, your financial assistance would be a welcome supplement in support of this program. It is so easy to donate too; just click on the donate button on this site. EVERY dollar will help so please donate as much or as little as you are willing and able. New Rhythm Arts Center is grateful for your help in any amount and in any form.

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