To be a leading implementer of quality music making on the South Side of Chicago.


We focus on the above mission by:

  1. Providing quality music education for residents of underserved communities (especially youth) in our program focus area: central South Side Chicago Neighborhoods (i.e. Woodlawn, Hyde Park, Kenwood, South Shore)
  2. Creating performance opportunities that are accessible to central South Side Chicago Neighborhoods, We are developing both audiences and ensembles; partnering with local residents and quality performers worldwide who want to see the development of performance opportunities that address the culture of our residents, their identity and desired enrichment.


For the coming year (2024) we have the following goals

  1. Provide music scholarships to 12 students to study weekly a musical instrument or music discipline (i.e. piano, guitar, strings, african drumming/dance, music production, music theory).  NRAC has access to a comprehensize database of professional instructors; We are working to find funding to pay them a moderate fee for their time to work with interested students.
  2. Implement 3 music presentations over the year. 
    1. A concert and musical recording of a culturally significant piece related to the history of Woodlawn, Chicago, Illinois. This has a similar structure to the work we did in 2023 to present "Gospel Mass" by Robert Ray
    2. A theater work that explores issues of social signifigance to central South Side Chicago neighborhoods
    3. An outdoor open-air neighborhood building "pop-up" musical event.
  3. Creation and launch of a new south-side community based choir, similar to the community choir program that we currently run on the North Side of Chicago: The Rogers Park Singers.